Windows 10: What do we know one month in?

A month has now passed since Microsoft launched their highly anticipated Operating System, Windows 10.

But what do we know one month in? Has Microsoft delivered on their promises and exceeded the expectations of their audience? Was the release of Windows 10 just a big marketing exercise from Microsoft? And has Zenzero’s advice to businesses looking to upgrade user workstations changed during this time?

Windows 10 was finally released on 29th July to an audience of highly expectant users, following 8 months of media exposure and frequent press releases from Microsoft, whilst they built their new Operating System with the participants of the Technical Preview, as part of the Windows Insider Program.


In the run up to the release, it appeared that Microsoft had the winning formula for success by listening to the voice of their customers and acting on their feedback, but did it work? Looking at some early statistics, it certainly appears to be the case…

In the first 24 hours Windows 10 had been on the market, Microsoft said downloads of the new OS hit 14 million

Statcounter claims that in the UK to date, Windows 10 already accounts for 6.09 per cent of the operating system market since its launch

The figures claim that the new OS is already more popular than Windows XP, which now has only a 3.57 per cent market share

Despite these impressive statistics, the launch of Windows 10 fell far short of the smooth, seamless transition that was promised as many early adopters experienced issues concerning; Product Activation, Frequent Crashes and Wireless Connectivity and compatibility issues with the new Edge browser. While these types of issues are frustrating for users it is not unusual for the first full release of a software product to encounter issues and while extensive testing in the background had tried to identify any issues there is never any substitute for releasing software to the masses.

Despite the initial teething problems there are positives. Early users of Windows 10 are benefitting from great new features such as; Improved Start Button, Multi Desktop View and the Microsoft Edge Browser which have all proved to offer productivity benefits and enhance the user experience. Not only do users of Windows 10 get new features, they also benefit from a cleaner and more modern user interface which is intuitive.

So one month after the launch has Zenzero’s advice to customers changed? The simple answer is “No it hasn’t.”

In the weeks leading up to (and following) the release of Windows 10, Zenzero’s recommendation to all Businesses showing a keen interest to upgrade business workstations, was to take time to consider how this impacts their current systems. By delaying your adoption of Windows 10 by at least 3 months, allows time for planning. Although it may appear to be a straightforward process, there are many factors that need to be considered in advance, such as compatibility of Business Applications, Server Polices and external integrations such as CRM systems, in order to avoid any disruption.

Whilst it is expected for users and businesses to get excited about adopting a new Operating System, the issues mentioned above highlight a level of disruption that is being experienced by users, impacting their ability to carry out their usual day-to-day activities. It’s only when you weigh up the Pros of the enhanced experience and functionality against the Cons of system bugs and connectivity issues that delaying your adoption of Windows 10 seems like the logical choice.

An added benefit of allowing time to consider the impact and challenges to your business, is that it gives Microsoft an opportunity to address and fix many of the bugs and faults that have been identified by the frustrated users who arguably upgraded to quickly.

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