What does your E-mail Signature say about your Business?



It is often surprising how little investment is made in compliance and brand consistency when it comes to corporate email signatures. The information in e-mail signatures is not only a legal requirement, it should be seen as a valuable marketing tool.

Often a basic set of rules are set out by the business, however enforcement of these is often at best casual, with employees simply left to figure it out for themselves. New members of staff are given instructions to copy and paste a signature template from a colleague and then told to edit their personal details. While this process can work, it fails to deal with changing disclaimer statements, new logo’s or font styles all which are likely to change over time. This makes enforcement of brand guidelines almost impossible.


To effectively deploy e-mail signatures across the entire organisation Zenzero use Exclaimer. Used correctly, signature variations based on the specifics of the sender or the department they work within are dynamically created.

Using rules that you set, e-mail signatures are created based on system information, such as job title, phone number etc. and always within brand guidelines. In addition, this solution also delivers consistency across devices, so regardless of what platform (PC, iPhone or Android tablet) you use the same signature is applied.

To learn more about Exclaimer and how it can integrate with your On Premise Exchange Server or Office 365 platform, contact our friendly team on 0333 3209 900 or alternatively email solutions@zenzero.co.uk.