What can we learn from the BT outage?

Earlier in the month saw the telecoms giant suffer from a major service outage which affected BT broadband and voice customers nationwide.


BT blamed a faulty router for knocking its network offline, leaving hundreds of thousands of customers without internet access. For Home customers, this was merely an inconvinience that temporariliy prevented users from updating their Facebook feed but for UK businesses, the loss of internet access was far more serious, resulting in hours of downtime and disruption to business operations.

Whilst sustained outages like many experienced are rare, the event highlighted a very real risk that most businesses are exposed to, particularly those who are heavy users of “The Cloud”.

Whether it’s a Public, Private or Hybrid solution, there’s no doubt that businesses should be focusing their IT strategy towards moving traditional onsite services such as Email, VoIP and CRM systems to The Cloud, however it is understandable that when business owners see customers, suppliers and competitors suffer severe consequences of using Cloud services during major outages, that they feel inclined to continue with their current onsite systems, however poor they might be.

The answer is not to avoid The Cloud but instead to implement measures that add an extra layer of redunancy to your business.

One of the best low cost ways to do this is to introduce a secondary internet connection to your business so that in the event that your main connection drops, the other can be used for failover to keep your business operations running. Most Fibre packages start from £18 p/m and would provide you with the extra protection you would need to avoid disruption during a sustained outage.

ZenTop tips to get started:

– When taking out a secondary internet connection, ensure that it is with a different carrier. For Example: 1 BT Line and 1 Virgin line for failover.

– Audit your Modem/ Firewall. Does your appliance support automatic failover? (If your primary connection drops, it automatically moves all services to your secondary line)

If you would like to learn more about what you can do to minimise your risk of business downtime, please contact our friendly team on 0333 3209 900 or solutions@zenzero.co.uk.