Two week warning issued to PC users to protect themselves from GameOver Zeus

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Experts urge PC users to act quickly to protect themselves against Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker.
The US department of Justice announced on Monday (02/06/2014) that it has disrupted two major online sprees that are believed to have collected millions of pounds from PC users worldwide since its first release in 2011.

Authorities in the United States and Europe claim that they have managed to crack the malicious software known as Gameover Zeus and its associated partner Cryptolocker.
According to a report by the BBC, the National Crime Agency said the two-week window had been opened after an operation led by the FBI managed to take control of servers used to control the “highly sophisticated” malicious software which has been stealing personal and financial data worldwide.
More than 15,000 machines in the UK are believed to have been infected with the virus, known as GameOver Zeus, which has been tailored by a criminal gang based in Russia and the Ukraine to search for files that will allow access to banking or financial information. The FBI believes that GameOver Zeus has been responsible for £60,000,000 in losses.

The virus also distributes another particularly aggressive “malware” programme, called CryptoLocker, which encrypts all files on a target’s computer, including personal data, and then demands a “ransom” of about £300 within a specified time limit to unlock the file.

Advice from Get Safe Online
– Do not open attachments in emails unless you are 100% certain that they are authentic
– Make sure your internet security software is up-to-date and switched on at all times
– Make sure your Windows operating system has the latest Microsoft updates applied
– Make sure your software programs have the latest manufacturers’ updates applied
– Make sure all of your files including documents, photos, music and bookmarks are backed up and readily available in case you are no longer able to access them on your computer
– Never store passwords on your computer in case they are accessed by Gameover Zeus or another aggressive malware program

What does Zenzero offer to protect me against GameOver Zeus, Cryptolocker and other forms of infections?
Backup Solution – Zenzero recommend that all servers should be backed up using an online imaging solution. The benefit of doing so means that in the event of serious server failure or disaster we can restore your whole system quickly, and if required to different hardware. The backup data is stored off-site in a Zenzero data centre, ensuring that whatever happens to your site and/or equipment, a copy of your data will be protected.

Managed Anti-Virus – The difference between our anti-virus solution and others you might find is the managed element. We centrally manage and monitor your anti-virus protection to ensure your systems have the most up-to-date defences possible. Any threats are instantly reported and assigned to an engineer to be resolved. Implementing our managed anti-virus solution will protect your IT systems against security threats that could result in costly downtime or data corruption. With viruses being created at an increasing rate, finding a reliable anti-virus system can be difficult. Our managed anti-virus system ensures your system is always up-to-date and should the worst happen, it significantly minimises unnecessary propagation.

Hosted Spam Filtering – Spam email is not just an annoying problem, it is costly and consumes resources, productivity while also putting you at risk of security threats. Without a spam filtering solution, your organisation could spend hours sifting through unwanted and potentially hazardous emails. Spam filtering provides additional protection against viruses that may be hidden in emails posing as relevant and harmless communication. Zenzero use an industry leading solution that provides all our customers with enterprise-level protection so you can be confident you are adequately protected. Zenzero ensure legitimate email is safely delivered and threats are quickly discovered. Our hosted spam filtering solution comes as standard in all support contracts.