Top 5 tips for keeping cyber criminals at bay

There isn’t a day that goes past where we don’t see a new story highlighting the growth in cyber-crime. It seems we aren’t short of information about what can happen to us, but what about advice on the steps that we can take to protect ourselves? Hundreds if not thousands of small businesses every week, and the sad thing is that with a little planning and investment, in most cases it can be prevented.

At Zenzero we believe there are five key elements to defending your business data from the cyber-criminal.

1.Engage with your staff and make them cyber aware
The most robust and resilient technologies that you deploy can be rendered virtually useless if you do not train the people working in the business; make them aware of what the risks are and moreover, what to do if they come across any suspicious activity. The human element can be the most fragile of any IT environment, but by engaging with your people, you can make them your strongest component.

2.Deploy a robust anti-virus product to all endpoints
We use ESET award winning security software for effective protection against internet threats:
• Antivirus and antispyware counters online and offline threats with exceptional precision.
• Device control prevents malware entering the company network on memory sticks and other media.
• Cloud-powered scanning swiftly identifies dangerous code before it can do harm.
• Anti-phishing protects end users from attempts by fake websites to acquire sensitive information.
• Web and email scanning scans websites while you browse and checks all incoming emails for viruses and other threats.

3.Install and manage a unified threat management (UTM) firewall to protect your network
Zenzero recommend using SonicWall; they are proven to be one of the most secure UTM firewalls for small businesses. Unlike consumer-grade products, SonicWall offers the most effective anti-malware, intrusion prevention, content/URL filtering and application control capabilities. Their network security products that ensure every packet is inspected; and all the while maintaining high performance and low latency.

4.Have a backup system that allows you to quickly recover your data in the event the worst does happen
Reliable backup and restore solutions are the foundation of your disaster recovery plan – if your backups don’t work, there’s nothing to recover; and backups don’t matter if you can’t restore! We recommend using StorageCraft online backup and recovery solutions. The software creates sector level backup images of your server, including all the software installed. The fully automated solution means that it doesn’t require any intervention from your staff; and you don’t need to worry about damage to external media (such as data tapes) or the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.

5.Perform regular IT security audits
Once you have the first four elements in place, that doesn’t mean that you get to take your foot off the pedal! Complacency breeds risk. Cyber security threats are constantly evolving, which means that safeguarding against them requires you to perform regular reviews of your policies and infrastructure.

We think that by implementing these five lines of defence, 2017 can be a successful and safer year for you!