Telephone Systems

Enterprise class voice solutions to suit all business requirements

With most phone systems offering a similar range of standard features, the right choice often comes down to who can provide the best options for future growth combined with the integration of new applications as they become available.

On-Premise PBX Solutions

Onsite PBX telephony allows businesses to utilise their existing infrastructure and still add new features and applications. Our customers benefits from both the SIP & ISDN technology to delivery two ports of redundancy. We supply these solutions to a range of businesses that require a resistant solution, that have limited options to run new cabling.

Some benefits of this solution include:

– Enhanced resilience, utilising the best of both worlds with call savings on SIP channels and backup ISDN – in the event for any ISP outages your business will still function

– By having a system onsite,  allows the business to be connected at all times. Our Schools and Doctor’s surgeries value this solution with constant contact to all extensions

Hosted VoIP Solutions

The concept of VoIP technology is very simple. Instead of using your existing telephone lines or having new ones installed, you simply utilise the Internet to take and make voice calls, as well as carry out telephone and video conferencing tasks. As well as the technology being simple, it can be extremely beneficial for businesses in terms of saving money.

Some benefits of this solution include:

– Complete flexibility in the way your business route’s calls, makes calls and add sites with minimal setup costs. With Mobile Apps, IP Phones and Softphones, calls can be taken from any location to ensure you are always available to your customers.

– Cost savings, with no associated on premise maintenance charges, discounted call charges and extension dialling across all users regardless of their location. SCS can tailor a package to fit your business needs to provide a cost effective solution with minimal setup charges.


A unified solution, delivered in partnership with SCS Communications

In order to deliver a unified solution to its customers, Zenzero have partnered with business communications specialist, SCS Communications, to leverage their expertise and offer a unified solution to our end users.

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