Steve Allison crowned Employee of the Year!

Congratulations to our very own Steve Allison for being crowned Employee of the Year at this year’s Warwickshire Employee of Year Awards! Over the past year, Steve has lead a number of successful projects and has proved himself as an integral part of our support team.



Steve Allison from Zenzero Solutions gained the ultimate prize – Warwickshire Employee of the Year for his can-do attitude and willingness to help both colleagues and customers and for dedicating a massive amount of personal time to researching and learning new skills.

“Being named Warwickshire Employee of the Year for 2016 was a real shock and came totally out of the blue. I was touched that so many of my colleagues at Zenzero voted for me in our staff awards at Christmas, which was what inspired my Director to put me forward to for this category. It seems a little strange that I’ve won for just doing my job but getting personal recognition for everything  is really nice. Part of me thinks that without the team around me I wouldn’t have had the chance to achieve what I have in the past 12 months so I need to thank my colleagues for their support just as much as the judges for voting for me.”