What is “Hyperconverged Infrastructure” and who is it for?

The term “Hyperconverged infrastructure” is relatively new so the likelihood is that you have not taken to time to understand if it is right for your business. Therefore it will not come as a surprise that many IT Professionals are not even familiar what Hyperconverged Infrastructure is.

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Natively the technology integrates the compute and storage elements of systems into a single x86-based server. This server is then deployed in scale-out clusters that can become the building blocks of any datacenter creating benefits including savings on power and space at the same time dramatically eliminating complexity in the storage layer. Essentially allowing organisations to quickly build their own private cloud.

Zenzero have chosen to partner with Nutanix who help simplify the Infrastructure Stack. Nutanix have built their platform to deliver customers agility, resilience, fractional consumption, and invisible operations. The platform is built on ‘web-scale engineering’ that makes it very easy to add capacity without the need to redesign the storage or server infrastructure.


At Zenzero we understand that organisations of all sizes the need to get the balance between Cloud and physical infrastructure right and often the answer is a Hybrid Cloud. In the situations where organisations need Physical Hardware on site then it is important for this to be as scalable, cost effective and flexible as possible, this is where Hyperconverged Infrastructure can often be the answer.

If you would like to discuss this further with a representative from Zenzero or Nutanix then please give the team a call on 0333 3209900.