Service Excellence Awards

Midlands Service Excellence Awards – Company of the Year 2019

Midlands Service Excellence Awards 2019

We are extremely grateful to be awarded STEM Company of the Year 2019. An award that recognises effective and innovative approaches and creative thinking in the delivery of service excellence.

When Zenzero was set up by Anne and Andy Tasker in 2004, the IT landscape was very different from that of today: the now ubiquitous smartphone was still a thing of the future, and social media was in its infancy. Now, though, IT is deeply embedded in our everyday lives, and the remit and responsibilities of businesses and professionals in the sector have been transformed almost beyond recognition.

From the outset, we have taken pride in our ability to help our customers get the most out of their investment in IT: we have constantly looked beyond the physical infrastructure we support to see how technology can be used to underpin business strategy and drive efficiencies. We achieve this by developing a deep understanding of the organisations we work with – what they do, how they
operate, the pressures that they face – to tailor a service that truly meets their requirements.

The majority of Zenzero’s customers do not employ an internal IT department and therefore rely on us to be much more than a support service: we become a trusted partner whose role is to educate them on new technologies and IT strategy, review and report on their current situation, and help them prepare for the future. In short, we are fully involved and invested in many of the business decisions they make.

Technological advances and changes in the law have put Cyber security and Compliance at the forefront of concerns for everyone and Zenzero have worked tirelessly to mature our service offering even further, not simply to meet, but to exceed, legal requirements and customer expectations.

During the run up to the GDPR launch in May 2018, we reached out to educate local businesses on the issues through a series of awareness-raising seminars. Here, as is our custom, we looked beyond the immediate IT implications, forming strategic partnerships with industry experts to cover such areas as legal and personnel issues in order to provide a more complete offer than would have been possible had we relied purely on our own resources. Here, and in the publication of our own free GDPR whitepaper, we focused on a people-centric, jargon-free approach to remove the mystique and provide accessible, relevant information to our customers and the wider business community.

Our customers’ business success is key to our own success, so we continue to opt for close, pro-active involvement – a partnership with our customers rather than a simple supplier role.

From the very beginning, our aim has been to add value: to promise much and provide yet more. Our growth is testament to the hard work and commitment of our staff.

We believe in a brighter future; better business with smarter and more efficient IT systems for your business. 

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