Microsoft issues security warning to Internet Explorer users

If you use Internet Explorer then pay attention, Microsoft is warning its customers of a serious security problem with its browser. The flaw makes it easy for hackers to take full control of your computer, all it takes is for you to click on a malicious link from a fake email or instant message (IM) and it will take you to a website where it will automatically install software that can hijack your machine. From there hackers have the power to install malicious programs and browse through your personal data.

The best solution is to stop using Internet Explorer until Microsoft patches the problem. Other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera appear to be unaffected by the problem.

Although Microsoft are scrambling to fix the major bug, they have confirmed that they will not issue the fix to web browsers running on Windows XP after it formally went End of Life on 8th April this year.

If you need to use Internet Explorer, Zenzero would strongly recommend you raise your browser security, there are a few settings you can change in order to do this:
1. The latest versions of Internet Explorer (10 & 11) include a feature called ‘Protected Mode’. To enable this: Open IE -> Go to Settings -> Internet Options -> Security -> Enable Protected Mode.

2. We also recommend that you set your browser security to high. This can be changed in the same place where you would find ‘Protected Mode’.
3. Disable Adobe Flash. The attack will not work with Adobe Flash. To disable flash: Open IE -> Press ALT to reveal the hidden menu -> Tools -> Manage Add Ons -> Find ‘Shockwave Flash Object’ from the list and press Disable.

If you require any assistance or suspect malicious activity on your PC, do not hesitate to contact your friendly technical team at Zenzero, who will be happy to help.

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