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Backup and Recovery Solutions

In today’s digital world data is the life blood of every organisation, no longer is it just an issue for big corporate or government organisations. In the event of system failure being without access to key systems or operational data will be guaranteed to cause substantial disruption. Hardware can be repaired or replaced, data however, can only be recovered if suitable plans have been put in place.

Ask yourself “how would I cope with the loss of key system data for just 48 hours?”

Once you understand the impact the loss of data would have then it is time to understand if your Disaster Recovery plan is fit for purpose. To help in this process Zenzero can work with you to understand your organisations requirements with regards to;

  • Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Business Continuity (BC)
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • Recovery Point Objective (PRO)

BC and DR are closely related, however they are different and therefore need to be considered simultaneously. Time must also be given to planning and understanding your Recovery Time Objective (RTO). The RTO is the acceptable length of time which a process must be restored in, to avoid unacceptable consequences brought about by a loss of service. When you understand the RTO, it is then possible to build a “Disaster Recovery” plan that deals with protecting the organisation.

Zenzero are a Platinum partner of StorageCraft and use the ShadowProtect software to help customers protect their data and build robust DR plans. Zenzero can offer all the benefits of StorageCraft as a fully Managed Service, or will work with you to design and implement an on premise solution. Depending on the agreed RTO, Zenzero will help you to understand if the Head Start Restore or GRE services are needed to make the recovery of data even faster than with the standard offering.

The Technical Bit: ShadowProtect creates sector-level backup images of your Windows and Linux server disk drives. This image of your server, including all of the software installed, is written every hour to a locally attached USB hard drive or other NTFS storage device. At the end of the day these hourly backups are consolidated into a daily file which is uploaded off-site to a secure location. Because the solution is fully automated, it does not require interaction from your staff.  With StorageCraft you design a data retention policy to meet your needs.

Zenzero’s managed service keeps hourly backups for 7 days and daily files for 15 days. Any missing data is normally noticed within a week. Our standard policy for the retention of data is that weekly backups are kept for 90 days and monthly backups are kept indefinitely.