Hardware Solutions & Deployment

Regardless of whether you need to replace one PC or 1,000 laptops, Zenzero are able to help. Depending on the complexity of your desktop image, we select the most efficient deployment technology to keep the process efficient, the quality high and the cost down.

As a Dell Preferred Partner, Zenzero recommend, supply and install Dell hardware. Zenzero believe that the Dell range offers the perfect balance of performance, reliability and value for money. Every customer has different requirements, therefore we specify workstations specifically for the user rather than selecting a standard preconfigured box.

Zenzero look at a desktop replacement project as more than just swapping out a piece of desktop hardware. We appreciate that, if not managed properly, the process can have a negative impact on the productivity of your workforce, which is something that we aim to avoid in every scenario. Therefore our typical process includes:

  • Recommending and sourcing the hardware
  • Delivering the unit to the users
  • Ensuring that all drives, printers and permissions are correctly deployed, and the user can access them.
  • Agreeing a standard build
  • Transferring any data and settings