Cloud Productivity

Secure, scalable solutions that drive business efficiency

Cooperation and collaboration lie at the heart of effective business. Cloud solutions are key to simplifying communications within and beyond your organisation, boosting productivity while strengthening IT security.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Zenzero can help you take advantage of the full power of Microsoft Office 365, whose flexible productivity tools range from secure cloud storage, to multiple user access and editing of shared files, to team planning and messaging, to the creation of presentations, work flows and digital publications.

Cloud Storage

Holding data, documents and applications on the cloud, with compliant version control and secure multi-user access, makes collaboration easy, reducing the need to store sensitive data locally and lessening the requirement for physical server infrastructure. It also simplifies security and offers advantages of speed, flexibility and scalability

Planning & Collaboration

From group messaging to shared calendars and planner boards to task tracking, a host of functionalities can simplify project planning and team working, both within your organisation and with external collaborators. Project supervision capabilities give you a clear picture of project progress while individual user access permissions ensure that information is readily available to those who need it, but safeguarded from unauthorised access.

These are just some of the powerful tools we can help you introduce into your organisation’s workflow to strengthen security, enhance systems and processes, promote more effective communication, and improve productivity.

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