Managed IT Services

Effective IT solutions designed to meet your business needs, now and in the future

However big or small your organisation, whatever sector you operate in, successful business is underpinned by quality IT infrastructure and reliable support.

We understand that everyone is different: our customers come in all shapes and sizes, and operate in a range of industries and sectors. Despite these differences, every organisation wants to operate as efficiently as possible and get maximum value for money: the goals are the same, but the journey to get there is different.

We’ll guide your business along the route you need to take, helping you achieve your goals through smart investment in secure IT solutions that are right for you. And all along the journey, we’ll be there to provide the best support possible, as and when you need it.

Bespoke IT support

We’ll put our expertise to work on your behalf: let us help your business succeed.

No one is better at running your business than you are; so the last thing you want is to be side-tracked by incidentals such as IT issues that distract from the real task in hand. Our business is IT and we like to think nobody does it as well as we do.
Our dedicated account managers and Microsoft-certified engineers will make sure everything IT-related works smoothly for your business, when, where and how you expect, with no hidden costs. Simply put, we make it possible for your people to be able to get on with your work without worrying about your IT.



Cyber security

Cost effective, practical and appropriate measures protect your data, your IT systems, and your business.

From next-generation security firewalls to secure the perimeter of your organisation, to mobile device management to ensure you retain control of your data in a “mobile-first” world, cyber security is a vital aspect of modern business practice. At Zenzero, we understand IT security and we have the tools and the partnerships in place to protect your systems and data.

We can carry out a cyber audit to identify risks and threats to your systems and processes; then, based on the results, we will recommend and work with you to implement the measures that are best for your business.

But cyber security is also about human behaviour; that’s why we partner with other experts to provide a holistic approach to people, processes and technology.



Cloud productivity

Secure, scalable solutions increase resilience to risk and prepare your business for growth.

Cloud computing offers speed, flexibility and scalability, making it key to improved business communications and productivity. The need for on-site server infrastructure is reduced, while storage and processing power can be instantly upgraded. Multiple user access and editing of shared files, team planning, group messaging, shared calendars and planner boards are just some of the tools that can strengthen cooperation and collaboration both within your business and with external stakeholders.

Security remains a key issue, with functionalities such as email encryption, password security functions, project user groups, and multi-level access permissions all helping to keep your sensitive data safe. Zenzero have helped hundreds of organisations migrate their IT services to the cloud, enabling them to conduct business with confidence in a safe and secure environment.



Servers, storage & networking

Your business is unique, not just in its current situation, but in its strategy, plans and goals. We make sure we look at the big picture to find a solution that will not just do what you need it to now, but will be able to evolve to meet your future needs. Whether this entails cloud-based or on-site infrastructure, or a combination of the two, we will implement an appropriate, scalable and affordable system, based around reliable hardware and secure data storage.

Whatever the scale of the project, the solution needs to be cost-effective while disruption to business operation must be kept to a minimum. Regardless of your requirements surrounding servers, storage and networking, we will work closely with you to tailor a solution that is cost-effective and best suits your requirements. Once implemented, our team will provide on-going support for this solution to ensure you receive maximum return on investment.



Proven service excellence

As part of our continued commitment to delivering quality services to our customers Zenzero have been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification for the following:

ISO 9001 Award

The Provision of Managed IT Services, including the sale, configuration, installation, and maintenance of hardware equipment and software applications, provided remotely, and at customer sites as required.

We are proud of this award as it shows, along with our other certifications like Cyber Essentials, that we continually to strive to deliver quality services to our customers; Zenzero has plans to expand our certifications

We believe in a brighter future, with smarter IT solutions.

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