Is your Anti-Virus up to date?

Zenzero Commercial Director, Will Brooks discusses the real world security threat posed to Small and Medium Businesses and how implementing Zenzero’s Managed Anti-Virus Solution can keep your network protected, lower costs and boost IT efficiency

If you are anything like me, you will feel like you are always connected and interacting with the Internet. If I’m not in the office working, then I am checking e-mails on my smart phone, catching up on news or social media on my tablet or streaming music or TV at home. As a provider of Managed IT Services to Small and Medium sized businesses in the surrounding areas of Warwick and Chelmsford, Zenzero are familiar with the challenges faced in keeping the latest threats out of our customer’s environments.

Zenzero believe that it is imperative to have a strategy to protect your devices and data from malicious software also known as “malware”. Often people don’t really understand what Malware is, essentially the term covers a wide range of software applications developed with a malicious intent. Unlike legitimate software, malware is installed on your computer without your consent. Malware can be introduced to your computer in a form of; a Virus, Trojan, Spyware, Logic Bomb, Rootkit, or Worm.

Because today’s threat is far more complex than it used to be, the importance of regular scans and keeping your Anti-Virus software up to date has never been greater. The sophistication and volume of today’s malware is increasing every day and is pushing traditional methods of protection to the limit. To help put things into perspective, the AV-TEST Institute currently registers over 390,000 new malicious programs every day.

As well as understanding the need for market leading software to protect against these threats, Zenzero also understand how difficult it can be to ensure that all corporate devices are correctly protected, that they have been recently updated and the license subscription is valid. To take this task away from our customers, Zenzero have designed a totally managed service that deals with all aspects of your Anti-Virus requirements using market leading technology from Kaspersky Lab.

The service is a monthly contract, and based on the number or active devices you have connected to the internet. Included in this manageable and predictable fee you get;
• Installation of the Kaspersky agent on all machines and the removal of any previous AV software
• Run a scan and remove any existing viruses
• Set up the PC/Laptop/Server so that it reports back to our management console any issues
• Schedule a weekly update of the Kaspersky software to make sure that latest protection is always available (this happens outside core business hours to reduce any performance impact)
• Proactively contact the user and deal with any reported issues
• Maintain the license so that you never have to worry about renewing the subscription
• Adding and removing users as your staffing levels change

For more information on this service please contact the Zenzero team on 0844 967 07 06 or visit our Kaspersky page.