Based in Chelmsford, Javalin are one of the leading Network Infrastructure and Audio Video Solutions installers in the South of England. The existing infrastructure was coming to the end of its usable life so Zenzero were engaged in December 2013 to make recommendations about the right systems, software and hardware that would deliver the required functionality and performance. The refresh project consisted of a new server running SBS 2011 and replacing a number of PC’s that were running the XP operating system. The solution was installed at the start of 2014 and is now managed on an ongoing basis by the support team at Zenzero. As part of the project all existing e-mail and file data was migrated away from the old server, a hardware firewall appliance was implemented and RWW (Remote Web Workplace) was configured. In addition to all the benefits achieved by running the latest applications such as Office 2013 a real benefit of the new system is that the team can now work as effectively from home as they can in the office, leading to a much better work-life balance for the staff.