Customer Support

Telephone Support

As part of your contract with Zenzero, you’ll receive unlimited telephone, email and onsite support, allowing you to access support as and when you need it for no additional cost. Standard service hours are 08.30 to 18.00 Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in England, although extended support is available outside these hours and accessed via PIN number access.

Because of the way we structure our support, we can resolve 85% of calls without the need to escalate them. Instead of having first, second and third line engineers, the people who take our first line calls have the skill set you’d usually expect second line engineers to have.

In addition to our impressive success rate of fixing incoming issues with just one phone call, 20% of support tickets are created and closed without the customer being aware of any issues. This is achieved by monitoring software we install on the network computers and then responding to any alert created.

  • Unlimited telephone, email and onsite support
  • 85% of calls resolved without need to escalate
  • 20% of support tickets resolved without customer being aware of an issue
  • Monitoring software on each workstation alerts our system of any issue, resulting in quick response
  • Access support out-of-hours using your PIN number
  • No additional cost

What This Means for You

Zenzero support engineers are just a phone call away when you need our assistance, and there will always be a friendly and knowledgeable member of our team waiting to help in any scenario.