Server Remote Monitoring

Remotely managing your IT system will enable us to proactively fix errors before they impact on your business, and without interrupting your work.

20% of support tickets the team at Zenzero deal with are generated internally and resolved without our customers ever being aware of a problem. Not only will this save you time and money, but it will also help to ensure that productivity is always maintained.

We understand how costly network downtime can be, which is why we have developed a reliable remote support system which is designed to resolve issues as they occur and before they impact on productivity.

The Benefits of Remote Management

  • Monitored backups ensure failed backups are addressed and your data is secured.
  • Early detection and resolution of physical problems.
  • Reduced downtime through the prevention of critical problems developing.
  • Improved system efficiency.
  • Increased system life span through monitoring your server and network’s health.
  • Capacity and future growth planning are assisted through identifying trends.
  • Records of hardware, software and driver changes and updates are maintained in order to facilitate quick server replication if required.
  • Time and money saved – minimum downtime and maximum performance.

We can monitor and manage your IT infrastructure from our regional offices. We continuously monitor:

  • Resources
  • Internet connection
  • Event logs
  • Server services, including email and printing
  • Connections
  • Detection of viruses
  • Disc space
  • Success rates of backups
  • Memory load
  • Network traffic

What This Means for You

Zenzero will pick up issues on your system before they have a negative impact and resolve them remotely, quickly, with limited disruption to your business and little or no impact on productivity.