Application Hosting Service

Investing in specific infrastructure to run a new or legacy application will often require a big capital outlay as well as the less obvious costs such as lost office space and power to run the system.

Zenzero understands that as cloud computing is becoming more and more the normality that our customers don’t want to be running important business critical applications or data bases in their offices. Often small or medium sized business don’t have dedicated server rooms and finding space and power for extra equipment can be difficult.

By working with Zenzero your business can move existing applications for your office to be hosted from our datacentres on to faster more robust hardware. Alternatively when the time is right to move to a new application (such as an accounting package) then this can be designed to be ran remotely on highly resilient hardware designed to give optimum performance.

What This Means for You

As more and more IT services (such as e-mail and CRM systems) get moved onto cloud infrastructure let Zenzero help you move you legacy systems to a hosted platform while helping you ensure that your business does not need to invest in new hardware when the business needs a new application. This helps to improve application performance and drive down operating costs.