Hosted Spam Filtering Service

Apart from being annoying, spam email consumes resources and impacts on productivity, importantly it can also pose a security risk by carrying viruses.

Our hosted spam filtering will sift your incoming emails through our spam filter before directing legitimate email to your inbox, meaning that the mail you receive is the mail you need to read.

Ensuring that email is safely delivered and quickly found is crucial for any business. Zenzero’s hosted spam filtering solution comes as standard with your IT services contract with no initial set up costs or ongoing licensing fees.

If required, your staff can control their own mail using a Microsoft Outlook plugin, which will allow them to put spam on a blacklist and safe email on a whitelist. Alternatively, let our intuitive system manage the whole process.

  • Hosted solution
  • Ensures that email is safely delivered
  • Control your mail with Outlook plugin
  • Black- or White-list emails
  • Comes as standard with your contract

What This Means for You

Less spam means less time spent sieving through your inbox to find the things you need to read, and less chance of your system being exposed to viruses. All in all, hosted spam filtering will save you time and money – helping to keep your business running as efficiently as it should.