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For small to medium sized businesses, a hosted VoIP solution can make communication safe, secure, reliable, and save you money. As the price of faster internet connections reduces and the service becomes more robust Zenzero recommend that you consider a VoIP solution. Zenzero’s hosted voice solution is built on the Broadsoft platform that allows telephones to connect to a central system, saving you money and reducing the amount of equipment required. BroadSoft is recognised as the leading provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) services to service providers globally. The BroadSoft platform is already used to deliver services to over nine million end users and has an unparalleled choice of features.

Some of the benefits of a VoIP Phone Service include;

  • Free unlimited standard UK mobile and landline calls.
  • Fixed monthly charges per extension
  • Users can make and receive calls from up to 6 devices per extension (e.g. VoIP Handsets, Computers, Mobile Telephones and Tablet Devices)
  • 30-day rolling contract
  • Disaster recovery guarantee
  • Keep your number ranges
  • Work remotely as if you were in the office
  • Call recording options

The system benefits from all the features that you would expect from an enterprise ready phone system including voicemail, hunt groups, voicemail to email, automated attendant and a range of other features. The system allows organisations of any size to take advantage of a fully integrated and easy to use phone system via traditional desk phones, DECT wireless handsets, computers with soft-phones, tablets and Wi-Fi enabled Mobile Phones, all of which can be integrated into the system and be associated with a specific extension number.

A VoIP system is extremely easy to deploy, when configured correctly handsets will become your extension simply by plugging them into a network connection, be that in the corporate office or to a home broadband line. Then your customer only needs to ring one DDI number and can reach you wherever you are, you won’t miss an important call ever again!