Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility & Mobile Device Management

We believe that successful businesses are underpinned by quality IT infrastructure; technology should help drive your business forward, not hold you back.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) enables our customers to keep pace with the security challenges presented in today’s increasingly mobile environment. The way in which people work has changed considerably, from where we are when we access our networks to what we are using to do it. Sitting on top of the systems you already use today, EM+S offers comprehensive solutions to help you stay productive and secure, on any device.

  • Holistic, identity driven security – Only Microsoft offers cloud identity and access management solutions running at Internet scale and designed to help secure your IT environment.
  • Productivity without compromise – Give your people the access, apps and familiar experiences across iOS, Android, and Windows with built-in security that doesn’t get in the way. Protecting email and other corporate data on mobile devices, without affecting productivity, is one of today’s biggest IT challenges.
  • Build a comprehensive, flexible enterprise mobility solution – Protect users, devices, apps, and data with intuitive mobile management on a future-ready platform. EM+S solutions run in the cloud and work seamlessly with your on-premises investments—taking the worry out of scale, maintenance, and updates. It’s the fastest and most cost-effective way to meet new business challenges and accommodate new devices, new apps, and new hires.

We believe that your IT systems should just work, that way you can get on with yours – it’s that simple!

We help our customers be better connected, better prepared for the future and ultimately be better businesses. Microsoft technology, deployed and supported by Zenzero…a brighter future for IT, with smarter solutions.

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