System Integration

Microsoft Office 365 | Email & File Sharing

We believe that better business means being better connected…wherever you are, and whatever device you and your people are using.

It’s all about making life as easy as possible, making sure your IT work for you, as it should, so you can carry on working as you should.

The two most fundamental data services that almost all businesses share are email and file sharing. People need to share information – whether documents in the form of files or messages such as email and instant messaging.

Microsoft Office 365 makes it easy to create a secure cloud storage and share solution where you can securely collaborate with your own team, and share information under policies you control. Microsoft OneDrive for Business complements Exchange Online in Office 365 this way. OneDrive for Business serves as a seamless cloud file store, whether as a primary solution or complementing existing, on-premises storage resources.

Your whole team can store and share information from multiple devices, and you can improve information security, reduce storage requirements and maintain control over your critical business information. Office 365 empowers you and your people to enjoy seamless access to files and applications from anywhere with an internet connection; which can be the most cost-effective and productive way to work, and removes the need for up-front capital investment.

Say goodbye 9-5, hello 365.

Combine Office 365 with Enterprise Mobility + Security to ensure you are getting the best solution to suit you. Microsoft technology, deployed and supported by Zenzero…a brighter future for IT, with smarter solutions.

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