Do your IT Systems pay for themselves?

Investment_ITAny business will know that in today’s Digital World, the need to have robust and flexible IT systems to support the front and back end of their operation is imperative. Any change in business (driven through growth, or new markets) will often put strain on existing IT systems, which need focus and understanding to improve or upgrade. Typically SMB’s don’t have the benefit of a dedicated IT person or department to support users or implement new systems, so any changes can be daunting.

On our website we list all the services that we provide to customers, as part of our fixed price managed service, but we know that none of the individual components really matter to our customers. What really matters is knowing that your systems are working to their optimum, your data is safe and in the event you do have an issue that it is resolved as quickly as possible with little or no impact to your operations. At Zenzero, we believe that our customers IT systems should enhance their business, make users more productive and drive efficiency that help to increase profitability.

The fact that Zenzero have invested time and money building a platform and methodology using industry leading technology vendors such as; Microsoft, Dell, Kaspersky and StorageCraft to ensure we can look after systems is just a by-product of why our customers remain customers month after month, year after year.


When we speak to potential new customers, we often find that investment in IT systems has been lacking, as attention has been focused on key business areas. If this is your business, then the likelihood is that IT is not only a drain on your time and energy, financially it also seems to cost far more than it should, yet fails to deliver enough value. This should not be the case. As technology advances, your business should be seeing improvements in productivity and more efficient users, and if not, then why not?

Any SMB regardless of market sector, should think really hard about the need to have dedicated IT staff and instead consider if better value for money and levels of service can be achieved by outsourcing the function to a Managed Service provider such as Zenzero Solutions. Flexibility gained by having access to a bigger support team, a wider range of skills and 24/7 cover are just some of the advantages that moving to an outsourced model give you.

Typically Zenzero’s customers don’t have an IT person or department, instead they entrust the management of the systems and support of the users to our team and pay for the service monthly, based on the number of users and data they have. The benefits of moving to Zenzero of IT Support include;

  • Fully managed Anti-Virus platform which includes all licenses and removal of infections
  • Automated back-ups of your data securely to a remote location
  • Unlimited telephone and onsite support for when issues arise
  • 24/7 remote monitoring of keys systems and processes
  • Access to UK based engineers who understand your systems
  • A trusted partner to supply and install any new equipment
  • Monthly billing based on the size of your network
  • One number to call for all you IT needs

At Zenzero, we know that one solution does not fit every organisation and that we need to design a solution that exactly meets your needs. Visit our case study page to learn more about the different types of solutions we offer, or contact our account management team on 0333 3209900 to learn more about how we can help your business.AccountManagers.fw