Creating a workplace that’s better connected

The concept of a ‘connected workplace’ is not a new one – however it is something that with the advancements of technology, (and therefore increased risk of cyber-attacks), is challenging more businesses every day. As workforces are becoming more mobile and disparate, there is a need to create a more productive environment by harnessing technologies that support employees’ capability to perform their work in alternative places other than a company’s traditional office.

It’s about using better business systems and workplace applications to create an agile, secure and affordable digital workplace in which your employees can thrive.

Better communication and collaboration
We mean consumer grade communication applications, built for business. Utilising tools that enable your workforce to connect, communicate and collaborate better with each other not only increases efficiency and productivity of the business; it also has a positive effect on employee engagement and satisfaction.

We partner with Microsoft® to provide a variety of communication and collaboration tools, to build a solution that suits you.

• Ensure your people have access to the right business applications, so they can be productive wherever they are; whilst maintaining control over your data security and compliance with privacy, transparency and refined user controls.
• Provide secure platforms for people to share and manage work files.

Better employee engagement and workforce development
Whether you are onboarding new starters, rolling out new applications across the business, or making ad-hoc training available, we think e-learning platforms are great! They really encourage people to adopt new technologies and learn new digital skills in a fast and effective way. It also helps engage with your employees, wherever they are; encouraging increased efficiencies and productivity, as well as staff satisfaction.

We work with Appdopt to give our customers access to an e-learning platform that provides technology training tools and content on their business applications in simple, bite sized videos on any device, direct to their employees.

• Target users based on their learning needs – whether that be individuals, teams, departments or even the entire organisation.
• Track your employees’ learning and measure their technology adoption. This in turn means you can really get the ROI information that you need when investing in new technologies and applications.

Better IT infrastructure
Of course it’s all very well taking about fancy workplace applications, but what about the infrastructure they sit on? We’re talking about a better foundation to build your business on – one that gives you better stability, better availability, better performance, and better business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR). The right infrastructure allows you to better position to better respond to incidents – which allows your business to get back up and running, minimising downtime, and maximising productivity. You know what they say about the guy who built his house upon the sand…

We work with Microsoft®, Dell™ and StorageCraft® to create infrastructure solutions that are physical, cloud based, or a combination of both.

• A future-proof solution that supports the way you work now, and tomorrow – with the ability to scale up and down based on day to day business requirements, without compromising on performance and availability.
• Maximise productivity by running applications on the right platform to ensure users have access to the right business systems wherever they are, whenever they need to, on approved and appropriate devices.
• Environments that comply with industry and statutory requirements that may affect where you store or host your data.

Better security information & event management
And last, but not least, you need to ensure that you have the right security measures in place, to protect your business, without slowing it down. Technology that empowers you to be better prepared – better prevention and better detection; spot the issues before they become problems.

We use SonicWall®, Microsoft® and ESET® technologies to create smarter security solutions, that are proactive – working to actively protect your networks and prevent a security breach.

• Comprehensive network management that ensures 24/7 access and monitoring of the infrastructure that supports your mission critical business applications.
• A secure environment so people can access everything they need to do their job, in a safe and controlled manner.
• Enables you to get visibility of all activity and traffic across your networks and devices.