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GDPR compliance made simple

Zen Compliance: innovative, cloud-based software to help keep you GDPR compliant

The 2018 General Data Protection Regulation grants European citizens important new rights to exercise control over their data, giving them a direct say in such issues as: what information is collected, who uses it, how it is used, and how long it is kept.

Anyone who handles personally identifiable data of any sort will need to be able to provide clear documented evidence of their right to do so and of the measures they are taking to keep that data safe.

This will have a huge impact on how organisations – regardless of size or sector – use, manage, share and store the data that is at the very heart of their business operations.

We understand data

As an IT company, at Zenzero we manage our own clients’ data and we act on their behalf to store and handle their customers’ data. We control and process vast amounts of data and we take the associated responsibilities very seriously.

We think beyond mere GDPR compliance to appreciate data as a business asset.

That’s why we developed the Zen Compliance software, a data asset register that allows you to log and keep track of all the different elements of the compliance process in a single place.

Compliance, simply done

Zen Compliance acts as a repository for all the information you generate during your organisation’s GDPR-compliance process and allows you to document and monitor the risks and processes within your business.

The tiered-access software includes all the areas outlined by the ICO, in a jargon-free, logically structured system, plus additional functionalities including task manager, risk register and training module.

It allows you to allocate responsibilities, assign tasks, track corrective actions and document their completion, as well as helping you respond to SARs and manage breach reports in a timely manner, minimising the risk of a fine or reputational damage.

Compliance is on-going; it doesn’t need to be complicated

GDPR compliance isn’t a one-off achievement: it’s an on-going responsibility. And that’s where Zen Compliance software really comes into its own: it goes far beyond logging the information produced during your GDPR compliance process.

By keeping the central records up to date on Zen Compliance, you’ll have the information at your fingertips, allowing you to respond to your clients and customers quickly and efficiently, reassuring them that you are looking beyond a tick-box attitude to compliance to pro-actively protect their data, treating it as an asset to be respected and valued.

Key functions of Zen Compliance software

Information asset register

A single centralised system to identify, assess and log all your data assets, giving clear, at-a-glance information about risk, responsibility, and security issues and allowing you to assign and track corrective actions.

Subject access requests (SAR)

Individuals have the right to know what information you hold about them and you are obliged to respond to any access request within 30 days. The central register of information allows you to log and manage SARs simply and efficiently.

Data privacy impact assessments (DPIA)

DPIAs help identify, assess and mitigate the risks of processing data and are mandatory under the GDPR under certain circumstances. Zen Compliance uses the 8 ICO-recommended principles to establish an overall risk value for each DPIA.

Security incidents & breaches

Under the GDPR, any data breach must be reported within 72 hours. The complete and correct record-keeping system provided by Zen Compliance facilitates timely compliance with mandatory reporting requirements.

Risk register

Zen Compliance helps to identify and evaluate risks. It allows you to raise and assign tasks against individual risks, as well as setting up regular email alerts, ensuring that appropriate mitigating actions are taken, tracked and documented.


As well as allowing tasks to be raised and assigned to individuals, the system includes a system for email instructions and alerts, helping you to monitor actions and incidents and to control risks, and ensuring a clear paper trail of steps taken.

Document repository

The software provides the capability for a central repository of documents, including Word, PDF, video, and links to internal and external sites, encouraging collaboration and allowing for sharing of standardised information and best practice.

Training & competency

Compliance and data security aren’t just about systems and processes: informed personnel are key. Zen Compliance allows you to store training records, including cyber-awareness training, to demonstrate pro-active compliance.

Complimentary whitepaper: A practical 12 step approach to achieving GDPR compliance

Download our experts insight into how businesses can tackle GDPR compliance from a practical point of view. This whitepaper has been created ‘in-house’, sharing the experiences of Zenzero’s compliance journey and that of our customers, who have worked with us to date.

Zen Compliance software: industrial strength, secure, and available via the internet