Can VoIP save you money?

The concept of VoIP technology is very simple. Instead of using your existing telephone lines or having new ones installed, you simply utilise the Internet to take and make voice calls, as well as carry out telephone and video conferencing tasks. But whilst the technology may be very simple, it can be extremely beneficial for businesses in terms of saving money. Here we’ll take a look at some of its benefits.

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Data not minutes

The most expensive part of making phone calls using a landline is the minutes you are charged for. The great thing about VoIP is that rather than treating your voice calls as minutes, it treats them as data, which passes through your IP network. Since broadband is cheaper to run and something that most businesses have anyway, it makes sense to use it for voice calls and telephone conferencing, so you can save yourself some money.

No need to install phone lines

VoIP can save your business money in several ways – firstly by eliminating the need to install new phone lines. All you need to do is connect your VoIP equipment directly into your existing broadband network and you’ll be good to go. The rates you will be charged will be extremely competitive, more so than those offered by traditional landline providers.

Use with mobiles too

Another benefit of VoIP technology is that it can be integrated with mobile devices, so that your employees will always be reachable from a work line, even when they’re out of the office. VoIP operates through an encrypted VPN connection, so there is no reason to worry about security issues.

Managed in-house

If you use traditional telephone lines and something goes wrong, you’re going to be waiting a while for the problem to be fixed by your provider. They will have to send someone out to mend your lines, which will not only be time consuming but disruptive too.

The great thing about utilising VoIP technology is that it can be managed either by an in-house IT department or a dedicated support company. This means if something goes wrong, you will be able to get the problem fixed immediately, without having to wait around for assistance, saving your business a significant amount of time and more importantly, money.

Supports long-distance calling

Making phone calls abroad can be pretty expensive, especially if you have to do it on a daily basis. If you have offices in other countries, you will find it much cheaper to keep in contact with them using VoIP. Instead of paying an extortionate amount of money for international minutes, you will simply pay the same data rate, no matter where you are calling.

VoIP comes with all of the usual business phone features including voicemail, called ID, teleconferencing and video conferencing, as well as call forwarding.

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The hardware is inexpensive

We know what you’re thinking – this all sounds very well and good but just how expensive is the hardware? Well the good news is that VoIP equipment is actually fairly inexpensive to buy. All you will need to get started is VoIP handsets and a VoIP router; however you also have the option to buy additional equipment for teleconferencing and video conferencing.


With so many money-saving benefits, it is no wonder that more and more businesses are switching to VoIP. If you are looking for a way to cut the cost of call making, whilst streamlining your communications, there is no better choice. Zenzero provide customers with the option to join a hosted platform built on the Broadsoft platform for a fixed fee per extension, per month. To learn more about the options visit where you will not only get further information on VoIP but can read the case study which describes how Zenzero sorted out the telephone issues for SOS with a hosted VoIP solution.