About Us

From small beginnings come great things.

Zenzero was founded in 2004 by our Managing Director Anne and her husband Andy, one of the other Directors. Since then, they’ve both worked hard to build a fantastic company; with exceptional people, first-rate partners and great customers.

World class IT solutions for everyone.

We believe that every organisation deserves world class, market leading IT solutions, service and support; that successful businesses are underpinned by quality IT infrastructure.

Our customers come in all different shapes and sizes, from a variety of different industries and sectors; and we deliver sustainable IT solutions that not only address their needs now, but also have the ability to grow and evolve as they do. We provide innovation in a way that is manageable and digestible for our clients, and we are always prepared to support them when they are ready to take the next step.

There is only one standard in our book, and that is gold.

Our approach ensures our customers have maximum protection and support when they need it. So if the worst happens, we’ll already have everything in place to ensure business returns to normal as soon as possible. We are proud to be our customers’ first port of call for all IT issues.

The future is bright.

We are committed to creating and delivering innovative solutions and services to our customers. We are dedicated to helping our customers succeed in achieving their goals; so whatever challenge they face, IT won’t be one of them. We believe in a brighter future for IT; with smarter solutions, gold standard support and outstanding customer service.