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Latest News

The human side to cyber security

Cyber security’, two small yet powerful words, that we hear increasingly often. But what do these words actually mean? What does it mean to your […]

Posted On - February 9, 2017

Hampton’s Resourcing

Zenzero enable Hampton’s Resourcing to progress their Microsoft journey

Posted On - November 25, 2016

Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund

Zenzero provide Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund with the right IT infrastructure to support the charity’s future success.

Posted On - August 16, 2016

Why your three-year-old firewall is giving you a false sense of security

Cyberattacks are increasing every year, in both volume and variety. Whether the malicious goal is money, espionage or disruption, you can protect your business network […]

Posted On - May 4, 2016

What does your E-mail Signature say about your Business?

  It is often surprising how little investment is made in compliance and brand consistency when it comes to corporate email signatures. The information in […]

Posted On - March 28, 2016

What is “Hyperconverged Infrastructure” and who is it for?

The term “Hyperconverged infrastructure” is relatively new so the likelihood is that you have not taken to time to understand if it is right for […]

Posted On - March 2, 2016

Steve Allison crowned Employee of the Year!

Congratulations to our very own Steve Allison for being crowned Employee of the Year at this year’s Warwickshire Employee of Year Awards! Over the past […]

Posted On - February 24, 2016

What can we learn from the BT outage?

Earlier in the month saw the telecoms giant suffer from a major service outage which affected BT broadband and voice customers nationwide. BT blamed a […]

Posted On - February 3, 2016